Burgers & Hip Hop: The Food That's Always in

Saturday afternoon, 4 o'clock. Walking out of the U-Bahn at Moritzplatz, you cannot miss the line of people on the sidewalk. Most likely hungry people, because you can find the best burgers in Berlin at ‘Burgers and Hip Hop’, located inside Prince Charles. I went in February around 9 p.m. with my friends. I waited in the freezing cold for over 2 hours to get in. However, when my friends and I finally got in, I must admit: the burgers were delicious and the hip-hop beats were amazing!

To enter the ‘Burgers & Hip Hop’ event, you have to pay two euros and pass three nice doorkeepers. This event is about once every two months and will reach out to Berliners, who have a good appetite. Around 3 p.m. the celebration kicks off with a street food event with various burgers that are battling to have the best burger in Berlin. Around six stands were offering their special burger in and outside. Burgers with the name Bun DMZ, the East Side burger, Leider Geil burger, Mass Appeal, the Waken Bacon and Bone Marrow & Harmony were battling against each other. Over 500 votes were given that day, with only one winner: the Mass Appeal burger. I was the lucky one, because that was the burger I chose to eat. The Mass Appeal got an outstanding 193 votes, with over 100 five stars ranking. The burger was made out of a home made bun, mango chilli sauce, grilled avocado and nori paper, lime pickled pink onions and pickled radish. It not only tasted amazing, it looked amazing as well.

After everyone stuffs their faces with all the deliciousness, the stands disappear, the music turns on and the hip-hop party can start. There are different rooms where the DJs play their music, where you can dance and have some drinks. The party goes on until the next morning.

I chatted to Ymar, one of the many people there who came to enjoy the goodness, about which burger he munched and how often he comes to ‘Burgers & Hip Hop’. Coincidentally, he had the Mass Appeal as well, but was also thinking about the East Side burger. This enormous burger consisted of pulled pork, Vietnamese slaw and some carrots. Looking at the burger stand, I concluded that it was a real big burger with lots of meat, because there were only men in line for this one. ‘This is my first time here, but I definitely will come next time again. The vibe is really good with nice people, good beer and wonderful burgers,’ says Ymar. Asked if he is planning to stay for the hip-hop beats in the evening as well, he concludes, ‘definitely.’

The date is still unknown, but there will be another Burgers & Hip Hop, probably in June. So if you love to try new burgers and like hip-hop, come in time and bring your appetite with you.

By Karmijn Simons

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