What's Special About Feminist Film Week 2015?

Berlin feminist film week is to inspire, entertain and most importantly, pay tribute to all wonderfully talented, inspiring kick-ass women out there. The Berlin Feminist Film Week presents a week of films made by women mainly about other females. Its a platform providing chance to all femtastic filmmakers out there and highlight films with strong female characters.

Usually all movies currently being shown in cinemas around the world, women play the supporting role – behind, as well as in front of the camera. Berlin feminist film week wants to put forward female filmmakers and films dealing with women in general, films in which women are portrayed as active rather than passive, in which women play the leading role and movies in which women are as strong, interesting and diverse as in real life. Often with a feminist agendas, which bring female and non cis-gendered male characters to the forefront, whilst promoting diversity, minorities and LGBTQI-inclusiveness and whilst avoiding gendered stereotypes.

The ambition behind this effort is to show a varied and diverse program with films from multiple genres from different parts of the world. Rather than excluding men, this film week is about including those who usually get less attention or space in the film industry.

Feminism take many shapes and forms, even a not explicitly feminist film plot can be changing the gender norms. But feminism can also be very subjective, what might be empowering for us might not be so for you. Therefore we try to incorporate discussions and dialogues around our films and are more than happy to receive feedback from our guests.

Festival welcomes every film fan, cinema-goer, feminist and non-feminist to enjoy the Berlin Feminist Film Week.The 2015 edition of the festival will take place from March 6th to March 13th in various venues around Berlin. You can find the schedule on Their Facebook Page.


The Berlin Feminist Film Week program is still to be finalized. Expect it to include a selection of feature films, documentaries and shorts, from independent films with a variety of budgets. Most screenings will be accompanied by Q&As or panel discussions featuring directors and feminist related discussion points.

This year’s program will include, but is not limited to, the following films & topics:

Something Must Break / SE / 2014 /
Ester Martin Bergsmark / Fiction: The filmmaker
as well as the leading actress of the
film, Saga Becker, will attend the screening
for a Q&A.

Difret / US/Ethiopia / 2014 / xxxx / Fiction:
The screening is a cooperation with TERRE
DES FEMMES and an expert on forced marriage
will attend the screening for a discussion
after the film.

Obvious Child / US / 2014 / Gillian Robespierre
/ Fiction: After the film, author Sarah
Diehl will present her book “Die Uhr, die
nicht tickt” and talk about voluntary childlessness
and expectations on motherhood.

Casblanca Calling / UK / 2014 / Rosa Rogers
/ Documentary

The Babadook / AUS / 2014 / Jennifer
Kent / Fiction

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