Opinion: The Way I Dress is Not An Invitation!

I am asocial and I was bored, a troublesome combination, and something a lot of Berliners have in common. So, I decided to kill some time by aimlessly riding the U-Bahn, one of my favourite hobbies. I judge people, I make fun of them inside of my head, just like any other narcissist in town. Believe me, there are more of us than you think; you might actually be one - you just need to be aware of the symptoms.

Anyway, this article isn't about me (but, of course, narcissists always talk about themselves before getting to the point). I took the U1 towards Warschauer Straße, and in the carriage I entered, there was an interesting protest going on against the recent attacks on girls in U-Bahn stations in Berlin.

Six girls were sitting in a row on the seats at the end of the carriage. From left to right, each one wore fewer clothes than the previous one. They were holding signs that read, "My Dress is not an Invitation".

I was intrigued so I asked them if I could take their picture; they agreed. In the meantime, the people sitting around them were already talking to them, sharing their opinions. Some were in favour, and some were very much against the way they were protesting. When we arrived at the second station, an elderly fellow sitting in front of them stood up and started yelling at them, saying "What will children learn from seeing you dressed in those flimsy outfits?!" He pointed at one of the girls, forcefully grabbed the protest card from her hand and left the train. Naturally, they had spare cards so they continued but everyone was a little deflated after that.

I struggled with my thoughts for a day or so, wondering if I should write about this or not. I am a father myself so I can understand the emotional reaction of the angry guy. However, I can't possibly put myself in the shoes of a young girl who is just trying to discover her personality by experimenting with all of the fashion and clothing options available, and not at all interested in getting unwanted and sometimes dangerous attention.

It's a dilemma. So, instead of forcing my opinions on people, I would like to ask you for your opinions in the comments below. And it's not often a narcissist does that...

By Eric Urner

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