Hi Ecocentrics, Try Environmentally Friendly Sex

Let’s face it; if we strip ourselves down to the most basic human needs, sex comes second following food. For those who are environmentally conscious, it doesn't make sense to be mindful about an ecocentric diet but be heedlessly irresponsible while having sex. Think about it: every time you are having safe sex using a condom, you are contributing to the destruction of the Malaysian rain-forest. The largest source of rubber used in condoms by producers like Durex comes from the Malaysian rain-forest, which is shrinking every single day or as I would say, with every single intercourse.

But is there a way to avoid it? Can sex also be eco-friendly? Well, a Berlin start-up called Einhorn has the answer. Einhorn’s mission is to develop completely eco-friendly condoms made of earth-friendly rubber so that you can have fun without a bad conscience.

The environment is one of the most important stakeholders in every product, yet the price for this is seldom paid.  Einhorn wants to raise awareness about natural resources like the rubber that we use daily. Rubber is a natural product found in thousands of products ranging from tires to condoms and the ever growing consumption of these products leaves us with an impending disaster. Fortunately, we can help to avoid this disaster by new planting new trees, using natural pesticides which do not harm groundwater and biodiversity and educating consumers as to exactly where rubber products come from so that they can make better choices.

The co-founders of Einhorn are reaching out to the rubber harvesters in Malaysia to help them plant more rubber trees to compensate for ongoing deforestation. They will support the growth of the new trees without polluting the groundwater with pesticides. Einhorn will also ensure that these harvesters pay their workers fair wages. Harvested rubber will then be used to produce the condoms in Malaysia, again following a fair wages model. You can be part of this effort by supporting them and taking a stand for fair production conditions- helping people and nature. Einhorn has declared that they will be reinvesting 50 percent of the profits in other non-profit activities.

Einhorn condoms are just as safe as other condoms, but they're more fun, are a bit cheaper, look better and give you a much better feeling when you buy them.


Einhorn is currently running a crowd-funding campaign on StartNext to execute their idea. The response has been great and they have successfully raised over ninety thousand euros. However they still need twice that to reach their goal. If you choose to support them, you will get a pack of condoms once the goal has been met and the condoms have been produced.

People behind the project

Waldemar Zeiler and Philip Siefer are seasoned Berliner entrepreneurs and have been working together for years on several digital start-ups in Berlin.

They have a special approach towards social business and want to leave a "positive footprint" with their endeavors. Einhorn fits this criterion and they are committed achieving their objective. Their goal is to prove that successful entrepreneurship can also have a positive social impact. We wish them luck and looking forward to trying their product.

Photos by Liz von Wagenhoff and Marco Woldt

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