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It started as feeling: that there was too much separating artists and curators. That a gulf yawned between the creators of art and those who would assemble and showcase it. In 2013, this feeling metamorphosed into the Erratum Galerie, a gallery for artists, by artists.

Photo credit: GeoVanna Gonzalez

Over the course of 2012 and ‘13, James Verhille, Damien Sayer, Penny V Rafferty and Fiona Valentine Thomann assembled in Berlin, developing a plan to create a space where artists could be artists. The format that emerged: group exhibitions of handpicked artists from Berlin and around the world, working together and alongside one another to create unique landscapes of art. Each group exhibition is curated by one of Erratum’s founders, who often works in conjunction with one or all of the artists to contribute to the art. These curators are often active participants in the exhibitions they nurture, readily contributing their skill and inspiration to the task at hand.

This is by design: Erratum is not only about art, but about community and collaboration. In Erratum’s world, you walk inside the art: the gallery itself becomes a piece of art together with the audience. At the opening of the current exhibition,The Truth About Everything, a small girl discovered a crate of lemons painted in a sticky electric blue: in minutes, hands, face, and floor alike bore the playful marks of her interaction with the piece.

Photo credit: GeoVanna Gonzalez 

The Truth About Everything is, like all exhibitions at Erratum, a collaboration: this time between co-founder Damien Sayer and artists Kandis Williams (Baltimore), GeoVanna Gonzalez (Los Angeles), Mükerrem Tuncay (Istanbul) and MOSA (Paris). Starting with a quote from Shelly’s Frankenstein and a hidden microphone, it quickly disintegrates into a minefield of rotten-looking fruit, starkly pornographic wall patterns, and a repetitive, insistent audio track asking personal questions about the past. Erratum’s bent walls and levels conceal hidden Los Angeles freeways and tiny plants growing in unusual places. The Truth About Everything runs at Erratum Galerie until February 19th, 2015.

The Truth About Everything, Erratum Galerie, on Tumblr, Böckhstraße. 40. 10967 Berlin

Conor is a freelance writer and editor living in Berlin. He likes bikes, rap music, and tacos. Find more of his work at

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