Street Musicians in The U-Bahn - Schön oder Scheiße?

It is Monday evening, the underground is full. People are on their way home from work and school, they all look tired. Maybe they have had a stressful day and are now hungry, have a headache… Suddenly a young guy gets onto the train with a guitar in his hand, he starts to play a song loudly in the already full wagon.

The reactions he gets are very differently. There are some people smiling at the unexpected event, as if this break of the normal routine just made their day. While some people try to kill the sound with a look - they could not imagine anything worse than this to interrupt their travel home.

There are a lot of people playing music, all with different quality, on the underground of Berlin. Once I saw an old lady simply putting on a choir song from a crackly tape recorder, expecting money from that. Other times you are actually surprised by how talented some people are.

What is your opinion? Do you think it is annoying and people disturbing others like that should be arrested? Do you think it is nice, or maybe even that there should be more people producing this art in the underground?

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