State Opera for everyone – an oasis of peace in the city

On the same weekend as 48hour Neukölln, there was a more classical event also taking place in Berlin. Like every year, the Staatskapelle Orchestra Berlin presented the "Staatsoper für alle", an open air concert with wonderful timeless music. Around 30,000 people gathered in Mitte for a performance of Beethoven, Wagner and many other less-classical creations.

A huge crowd of all kinds of people, ages and styles, came together in silent appreciation. With more people attending than there were chairs provided, or for sale in a small kiosk, the majority were seated on the Mitte sidewalks and tar roads that normally don't witness such peace and beauty.

In the end, after the final applause, the last to leave were probably the first who had arrived, many hours before the concert. With their proper equipment set-up: tables, food, drinks and a privileged location and view of the orchestra. For the majority however, the big-screen projections were the only way to follow what was happening on stage.

And, of course, the music. The real event is one that can't be shown in pictures, but only guessed at, by reading the reactions of those listening: smiling, absorbed, distant, staring downwards or facing the sky. Bravo!

By P. Branco
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