Solidarity Demo: Berlin supports Turkey

They arrived in the 60s under the German name Gästarbaiter to help in Germany's post-war development. Initially, Turkish immigrants to Germany were given 3-year contracts, but with the economic growth, the policy changed: In 1975 Turkish immigrants were allowed to invite their families to Germany.Today the Turkish diaspora is the largest immigrant community in Germany, with 2.3 million Turkish Germans.

On Saturday, June 8th more than 5000 people gathered at Wittenbergplatz U-Bahnhof to march in solidarity with the protestors in Turkey. I walked with them and met such nice people, proud to be Turkish. They chanted and made noise in support of their country. One protestor said to me: “Turkey is strong. It will never give up!” Never.

PHOTOS Amalia Raccanello and Pedro Branco

Amalia Raccanello
Every day I take my bike, put Oscar (my wooden friend) and my Camera in the bag and run all around Berlin. Every day I find something that I like and when I like something, I love share it with all of you.
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