Zurück bleiben bitte! The most heard phrase

"Zurück bleiben bitte!" The sound of desperation!. The instant you hear the phrase, "Zurück bleibt bitte!" and the doors of the train closes is only about 4 or 5 seconds, so if the man who is running really wants to get the train, he has to move fast.

The type is determined, dodging passengers resigned to let the train go, avoid being beaten by the cane of a blind man groping for the ladder, stepping on an old woman's Pekingese dog and at the last moment, when the warning light flashing red for the last time and the doors are about to close, the guy with a plastic twist just sneaks on the train. The action is so fast that is not enough to notice the photographer, who has seen his mad race from the start and made the picture at just the moment the doors closed.

"Zurück bleiben bitte!" is a series about life in the Metropolis, about the rush to get to our jobs and the rush to get home. About fast food, the express market and coffee to go. It's about time we invested in us, about the hours we waste alienated at the computer, at the gymnasium or the short time we devote to our wives or children. The city requires us to move faster, teaches us to appreciate the punctuality and kindly asks us to stand to the right side of the escalator so that those who are in a hurry can move through fast and reach the train before through the speakers is heard: "Zurück bleiben bitte!"

By Christian Demarco Vásquez

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