While Solving The Mystery of Berghain..

Berghain; it is the legendary nightclub at the border of Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg; by many said to be one of the best clubs in the world. There are a lot of rumors that circulate around it: whispers of decadence, hedonism, secret dark rooms, a camera ban and a very selective door policy.

We spoke with people, the ones not getting in that is, to hear their anger and disappointment filled stories. There were also some of the rejected who didn’t care and wouldn't let some club ruin their night out. No one received a reason for not getting in, but everyone had different ideas of why it they were turned away. Some said it was because they were too young, others said they were not trashy enough and others said it was because they were women.

The flow of people who did not get in came in waves about every ten minutes and we were waiting to speak with them as they left. Suddenly we were surrounded by so many that we could only speak to about half of them. Here are some of the interviews:

Ran and OZ

For Ran and Oz Berghain was a new experience. They arrived at 22:00 but at that time the club was not yet open. They waited until midnight and then tried again but this time they were refused entrance. When we spoke to them they told us that they had no idea why they didn't get in; they were not drunk. Berghain wasn’t their first choice anyway, it was their plan B, but they were not sure where to go next.

Three unknown women said that they didn't want to be photographed but left us with the parting comments:

“I feel like shit!” “It’s so sad!” “I really wanted to get in!”

We got the same reaction from the next group we tried to speak to. They simply stated,

“Berghain is a shit place!”

Naima, Suzana and Stefania.

Naima, Suzana and Stefania had dressed up and were going for a night out. They were denied entrance and said that the bouncers laughed at them like they were some stupid “bimbos”. They said that if there is a next time they will only go after not showering or brushing their hair for three days because only then would someone have a chance.

Anonymous informant

We spoke to a person that had a good view over the Berghain queue. He just watched to see the rejected on their way out and for personal reasons he didn't want to reveal himself. He said that he usually sees that they don’t let in big groups. In his opinion this is because they don’t want people to isolate and hang out in cliques. They also seem to want a variety of creative people that would produce an eclectic mix.

Daniel and Henriuqe

Daniel and Henriuqe were on vacation from Brazil. Berghain had been recommended to them from a friend that works as a DJ back home. They tried to get in three times during the night and even though they didn't make it they seemed happy. Their opinion of Berghain is that the bouncer is a piece of shit. He also didn't give them a reason for refusing to let them in.

Martina and Camilla

Before Martina and Camilla reached the door they had seen that a lot of girls were refused before they were. They think the reason for being denied was simply because no more women were wanted in the club. They got a recommendation to go to another club nearby and we hope that they had a good night

It might be unfair that some people don’t get in to Berghain. Maybe there is some pattern in the “rules” for admittance; maybe it depends on the mood of the bouncer; maybe it’s absolutely random, just because they have to decline a certain amount of people. We don’t know. But without judging whether it’s a bad or a good thing, we can surely say that the strict bouncers help keep the mystery alive.

By Mia Leifsdotte​r
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