Flohmarkt Rathaus Schöneberg: Its A Deal

Every Saturday and Sunday, each weekend from 9:00 am till 4:00 pm at Rathaus Schöneberg takes place such a huge colours explosion. A great picture of old coloured stuff coming from the past and from all over the world.
Yes, back in the day!

That’s what happens when you gonna visit the Flomarkt Schöneberg. It’s not so big like Mauerpark for example but what you are looking for is there, for sure. Actually you have to be patient and dig into huge mountains of clothes, shoes, toys, books, lamps, bikes, chairs and whatever but finally, you get it.

Spent a few minutes more to negotiate the best price with the seller and the deal is done!

Also komm...und viel spaß!

By Amalia Raccanello
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