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The art world: a mash of zeitgeist and history. Berlin: one of the Meccas of the art world. Collectors and art lovers beware of overwhelment. Emerge berlin art guide and its owner/director, Rufina Valsky. Today Berlin art guide is operated by staff of three people including Connor Hersey and Sarah Williams.

From this city whose art scene ranges from divine inspiration, other-worldly talent, commonplace practice to downright rif-raf, materializes an art tour to sort through the shifting morass of Berlin’s art galleries. Rufina Valsky has vast experience of contemporary art including a degree in Art History from Tel Aviv University, being the Art Director at a gallery in Israel, and more. She possesses the understanding and passion for contemporary art to help both the knowledgeable and the fledgling collector identify the galleries in Berlin in which they are most likely to find art worth investing. berlin art guide is the manifestation of Rufina’s knowledge and passion.

berlin art guide was born from Rufina’s enthusiasm for contemporary art. Its roots are in the blog she started as a way for her to express her appreciation for the vibrant art scene in Berlin. It supplies information regarding openings, shows and activities in the contemporary art world. With time and its growing popularity, it morphed into an art-tour company. Rufina shares her love and knowledge for art in English, Russian and Hebrew tours of her favorite contemporary art galleries in Berlin.

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Each tour is exclusive with no more than four people. Throughout the four hours of the tour, the clients are treated to an exclusive insight into some of the most exciting and up-coming galleries and artists in Berlin. It is a select chance to concisely and informatively experience one of the contemporary art centers of the world. The tours include galleries with an array of mediums: photography, painting, drawing, installation, sculpture and more. Curiosity and openness are all that are required to enjoy the experience. Rufina’s motto is that the overriding principle for art is its contribution to aesthetics. Anyone wishing to decorate a new home, update an established home, change the mood of an apartment, learn about Berlin’s art scene, broaden their knowledge of contemporary art, and more, can benefit from an Art Tour. During a Tour, Rufina can help negotiate purchases for collectors as well as provide insightful data. The route of each Tour varies as the art scene in Berlin transforms. An Art Tour is 500 Euros and occurs as often as clients would like.

As a result of the success of the art tours, Rufina recognized the hunger for new and original art. Consequently, she started the Berlin Art Taxi. The Art Taxi allows clients to acquaint themselves with the contemporary art scene in Berlin and which galleries, in Rufina’s opinion, are the most exciting. An invaluable service that provides a path through the chaos of a busy city, the Art Taxi is a luxury for its clients. It begins its tour at Berlin Hackescher Markt and takes its clients on an excursion of contemporary art galleries, opening a window to galleries that the average visitor would be hard pressed to visit in a short period of time. The Taxi provides an intimate platform where clients can connect and discuss the art as it is seen. The taxi, a black BMW, takes clients to as many galleries as can be reached in three hours. Typically clients spend about 10 minutes in each location, but this is flexible according to their wishes.  The price is 50 Euros per person. If clients are left craving more, the Art Tour is the obvious next step.

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berlin art guide is launching an Indiegogo campaign to help raise money for another Art Taxi. The demand for tours has been high, thus the need for another car. The campaign will launch in the second half of December, last for 60 days, and have a goal of 20.000 Euros. Supporting the campaign will merit the lucky contributors various art tours and more. The perks will be available whenever is convenient for the contributors. The result of a successful campaign will be to provide three daily Art Taxis. Each Taxi will operate on a first come, first serve basis and will leave at scheduled times, with the pick up/drop off point always at Hackescher Markt.

When asked why she focuses on contemporary art, Rufina answers that she has a feeling for it. She has love and zeal for its ever-changing landscape. It is approachable, interesting, and is a reflection of our times. berlin art guide feeds the thirst and passion for fine contemporary art.

By Sasha Prince
Sasha is a classical singer and animal lover and has been in Berlin since 2014. She is from the US and the place she lived the longest is Austin, Texas.

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